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Implementing Mitigation Strategies

Ecosupport were amongst the first companies to offer both survey, assessment and on site mitigation. This means we have over 14 years experience of designing and implementing a full range of amphibian and reptile exclusion fencing as well as Badger and Water Vole fencing. We can deploy a team of ecologically minded staff to install Temporary Amphibian Fencing or reptile exclusion to help implement mitigation strategies.

We have work sub contracted to us from large multidisciplinary companies to sites across the UK who appreciate the standard of our work, the methods by which the fence is installed and the timescales it is operational in the ground. We can supply and install several differing designs and specifications of exclusion fencing suitable for the requirements of any mitigation scheme.

Animex Fencing

<p>Animex animal wildlife fencing exclusion systems have been used to assist in reducing and eliminating stoppages and delays on various constructional projects including pipe & overhead cable lines, highways and construction sites.</p>